In the Fall 20 collection we introduce a soft and cozy alpaca mix quality. The knitwear feels light yet very warm, breathes well and will make for a great
companion through colder seasons for years to come. The alpaca fiber comes from Ilama camelids that mainly live in the Andes Mountains in Peru - their natural habitat where they fit right into the ecology they are meant for. 90% of all alpaca fibers on the world market comes from Peru. Since their wool is much cleaner in terms of lanolin and oil (compared to regular wool), it does not require the scouring process wool does, which constitutes a consider- ate portion of the wools environmental impact and energy demand. In comparison to cashmere/pashmina goats, these camelids can provide about four to five times as much fiber per year. The fiber is very soft, has great isolation abilities, is lightweight and has a high pilling level. Many also find alpaca to be comfortable to wear directly to the skin, even though they are sensitive to wool.


Hand wash cold, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, iron with steam, low heat, dry clean.